Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake)

Friday, August 10, 2012

My buddy Nate and I got out on the water for a couple hours yesterday after work. We unloaded the kayaks at the Festival Beach area of Town Lake (east of 35) and paddled our way back towards downtown. 


We both had the 5 wts and started out fishing deeper to target some of the bigger fish. We tried quite a few different patterns including wooly buggers of different sizes and colors and clouser minnows. After an hour and a half or so with no strikes, we changed up tactics. 


We put on top water poppers and started going after little sunfish in the shadier areas. First cast with the top water, fish on. We got quite a few of the little guys to the boat, none were bigger than my hand, but all were fun to catch. 

  Big fish of the day, even bigger than the building behind it

Always nice to get on the water on the water.


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