Grateful Fest at The Mish

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It is no secret that Colorado has had a great deal of recent heartbreak. Between the movie theatre tragedy in Aurora and all of the wildfires that have plagued the state, there has been a lot to grieve about. Within all of the darkness though, there have emerged many stories of heroism. The firefighters who have risked everything to protect lives, homes and forests through the devastating fires are a shining example of this heroism. 

To help celebrate some of these heroes and renew some of their resources, The Mishawaka (Mish) Amphitheatre in the Poudre Canyon near Ft. Collins has set up a benefit concert for September 7th. It promises to be a great night featuring bands such as The Motet, Head for the Hills and Juno What?! All proceeds will benefit the Poudre Canyon Volunteer Fire Department who were instrumental in not only battling the blazes but saving the historic amphitheatre/restaurant as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to fish the Poudre River throughout college and also had some good times at the Mish. Both are very special places so I am sure it will be quite a celebration. 

If you are around Ft. Collins in early September and want to help support a great cause, check out the Grateful Fest at the Mishawaka ( 


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