Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To say our dog Penny loves the water is quite the understatement. Liz and I are pretty sure she would spend every waking moment swimming if we gave her the opportunity. Fishing has been a natural and, for the most part, easy progression for Penny. She is only two years old and still has a lot of puppy in her, so she will still barrel full speed into a good looking fishing hole every now and then. For the most part though, she is very patient and is really becoming quite the little fishing companion.

                                                               Heading out on Lake LBJ

Where the fish at?

I see one!!!

Penny and I got over to the upper Bull Creek area (360 near Spicewood Springs) this past weekend for some hiking and a little fishing. We started down by the falls and made our way back up towards the parking area. We found a few small sunfish (redbreasts and greens) below the falls on size 10 yellow poppers. Penny only tried to eat one of them. 


As we made our way up, the fish got a little bigger. I kept seeing bass in the deeper pools but as soon as the fly layed down, the sunfish would come hammer it. Finally, as we reached the smaller falls up by the car, we found a bass that was faster than the rest. He came up and nailed the little popper and we were hooked up. After landing the fish, Penny and I decided to end on a high note.

               That was fun!

P.S. No fish were harmed by golden retrievers during this fishing trip.


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