Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Being that it is 102 degrees outside, the only major hatch taking place on the Guadalupe right now is the rubber hatch (tubers). Even though the Guad is a year round fishery, I always look forward to the late fall/early winter when the weather cools down, tubers are gone and the trout fishing heats up. 

Being a trout fisherman in Central Texas generally means you are familiar with this Hill Country gem. It is the southernmost freshwater trout fishery in the United States and became that way when Lone Star Brewery began stocking trout in the mid 60's. Today, the Guadalupe River Chapter of Trout Unlimited along with Texas Parks and Wildlife has its annual stocking program which stocks multiple times each winter. Even with the un-relenting heat of the summer and the human pressure the river receives, many trout still survive year round. This is certainly due in big part to GRTU's long battles to create regulations that protect over 10 miles of trout flows on the river.

The Guad is also where I really learned how to fly fish growing up so it will always be a special river to me. I have many great memories with friends and family on the river and I hope to teach my daughter how to use a fly rod there some day.

Until late fall….


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