I love to fish, fly fishing in particular. This blog was started as an excuse to talk about all things related to fishing. I don't get out on the water as much as I would like so I figured this would be a good outlet between excursions and a good way to connect with fellow anglers. 

As for myself, I grew up fishing and hunting in Texas. I went to college in Northern Colorado which allowed me access to some of the best trout waters the area has to offerAfter college, I moved back to Austin and I love getting out on the rivers and lakes of the Hill Country and the bays of the Texas coast. My true passion lies in adventure travel angling. I have been fishing in a few countries, a few exotic places, some amazing bodies of water in the U.S. and plan to travel and experience fishing adventures in many more places. I look forward to sharing my fishing excursions in this blog. Fortunately, my amazing wife Liz loves the outdoors as well so we get to share many adventures together.


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