Bastrop Bass

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This past Saturday, Liz's parents were kind enough to watch our sweet daughter Collins for the afternoon so we could sneak away and enjoy the day together. We headed out to the Hyatt Lost Pines in Bastrop and had a great little half day vacation. Liz had a massage scheduled at noon so I brought the fly rod along to keep me company until we met up for lunch at the bar.

The Hyatt Lost Pines property backs up to a beautiful stretch of the Colorado that has good fishing access. Having a kayak would have really been nice to explore the wide stretches of the river but with limited time, I settled for wandering the shoreline, sight-casting to cruising fish.

Being that it was 90 degrees (In November!), I figured the fish would be hanging low and moving slowly. I tied on an olive colored wooly booger and within the first couple of casts, had a nice little largemouth to hand. After working the same area for a while longer and catching one or two more baby bass, I moved down the river in hopes of bigger fish.

I found a nice little access area with a good vantage point and started scanning the water. To my excitement, three really nice bass, probably three to five pounds each, were cruising the river bottom within casting range. I cast to these fish on and off for twenty minutes but they wanted nothing to do with me. I tied on fly after fly hoping for some type reaction, nothing! When I made them mad enough, they would swim off down river out of sight. They would eventually cruise back up until I pissed them off again. Not sure what I was doing wrong but they certainly weren't falling for any of my tricks.

I eventually got the call and met Liz in the restaurant/bar and we had a really fun lunch. Fun all around day out at the Hyatt. Definitely bringing the kayak next time we make it out there.

Happy Late Halloween!!!


Andy Barclay said...

Sounds like a great weekend Brad. I need to get out again soon, but it's duck season so I'm occupied with chasing ducks. Did pretty well down on the coast last weekend with Pintail and Red Heads.

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