Lost Creek

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Liz and I experienced the most joyous moment of our lives this past week as we welcomed our daughter Collins into this world. Becoming a father for the first time has been truly incredible and I am so excited for the adventures ahead with our little girl. Needless to say, as the adventures of fatherhood begin, time on the water will be put on the backburner. 

Penny and I were able to sneak out a couple of days before Collins' arrival though and enjoy the water for a few hours. We headed down to fish the Lost Creek section of Barton Creek which is always such a fun little piece of water.

We started our day at the big rock in the center of the creek east of the parking area. I love fishing on this rock, once you wade out to it, you have easy casting in every direction. The take of the day came when a really nice redbreast came up from deep water and hammered the little popper I had on. He put on quite a nice fight before I got him to hand.
As we made our way down creek, we caught a number of little bass and sunfish. The farther east we headed, the deeper the water became, and the larger the fish. We scared one bass from under a rock that looked to be four pounds. What scared us though was the four foot snake sliding its way across the creek fifty yards ahead of him. The snakes were out in full force, we saw a number of them on this trip. One of them was dragging a live catfish off for a meal.

Penny and her new friend Snowman

With all of the snakes out, I really had to keep Penny close by. Luckily, she is getting better and better about doing this on her own with each outing we make. My favorite part of the day came when I hooked into a small little sunfish. As soon as it started splashing around, Penny waded over to check it out as she normally does. The fish popped off before she was able to make her inspection though which did not make her happy. She chased that fish around for a solid minute as I sat back and laughed. She is really starting to take this fishing thing personally. I guess the next thing on the agenda is to teach her to use a net.


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